Asset electrical solution for Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs)

Extract the best value of your power grid

Strategic asset management solution
ASSET electrical is Nexans’ asset management solution specifically designed to help grid operators get maximum return on their power network. It helps formulate and optimize medium-term and long-term strategies for maintenance, renewal, investment and modernization. As a result, Grid Operators can successfully maximize the value of their assets by striking the right balance between network performance, capital & operating expenditures as well as effective mitigation of financial, regulatory, security and environmental risks.



Up to 12%  
 Added value solutions
< 8 months  
  Added value solutions
Up to 20%

Savings on total expenditure

Implementation time

Higher return on assets
*according to the Aberdeen Group study “Asset Management: Building the Business Case for the Executive“


How does it work ?


 Added value solutions
  Added value solutions

Build a digital twin of your grid


Integrate your data to build a digital twin of your grid with all electrical assets, inspection/repair/renewal strategies in place as well as Nexans’ unique asset aging models.

Analyse risks by testing multiple scenarios

Simulate different scenarios from your baseline digital twin to analyse risks associated with your decisions.

Decide on the best scenario according to your goals

Choose and validate the best suited scenario to implement – to optimize cost savings, CO2 savings, or anything in between



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