New space saving Data Centre cable for high density, short links

Thinner cable specifically designed for 10G networks in Data Centres

DC50 bundleNexans announces the launch of a new thinner cable which has been specifically developed for data centres.

Data centre facilities are required to support a very high density of cabling but often for relatively short distances compared to office infrastructures. Various studies show that more than 95% of all links installed in data centres are below 50m. At the same time most data centre managers are looking to improve space usage to maximise the available capacity and minimise any restrictions to the flow of air which is used for cooling.

These needs can now be addressed with Nexans new LANmark-6 10G DC50 cable.

The screened cable makes use of 26AWG solid conductors and supports all existing Ethernet applications from 100MB to 10Gigabit over 50m link lengths.  

As conductor thickness and distance support are closely related, by reducing the supported distance to 50m, the cable diameter can be reduced to a nominal diameter of only 5.9mm compared to 7.6mm for a standard Cat 6A  cable. In high density environments where large cable bundles are installed, this benefit is multiplied and an overall space saving of 40% can be achieved. 

Due to the use of smaller conductors, the cable exhibits higher insertion loss than is specified for compliance with horizontal Category 6 or Category 6A cable standards and is therefore application specific. The cable is compliant with work area Cat 6A wiring performance according to IEC 61156-6 Ed.3.

When installed as part of a system in accordance with the specific ‘Design Guidelines', the system is fully compliant with the requirements defined in IEEE for 10G Ethernet transmission and a Class EA/Category 6A channel warranty can be provided.

The new cable has also enabled a range Cat 6A solid cords which are often used for cross connects and consolidation points. The new cords are consistent with the recently introduced Uniboot design.