Axclight-O lights up Swedish power net

All-in-one solution
Axclight-O is a three-conductor, medium-voltage cable that is ideal for buried power distribution networks. This single cable also contains three fiber tubes that can house a maximum of 72 fibers each to be used for remote electrical meter measuring and external broadband customers.

«Intra-company collaboration in the complementary areas of energy and data transmission often leads to cable products that customers are clamoring for.»

Mats Klarén, Nexans IKO Sweden

Maximized cabling
When Sydvestenergi of Denmark decided to bury their entire MV network (approx. 1,200 km) back in 2003, they thought that burying fiber beside the energy cables was a waste of money and resources. By combining both fiber and power, Axclight-O eliminates the double operation, with extra tubes costing a mere 1 Euro per meter.

Future safe and economical
Axclight-O totally replaced the old version of 12-24 kV cables. It not only provides a better and safer underground solution for the network, it also future-proofs  Sydvestenergi’s power distribution for years to come, opening up new possibilities for network management and the leasing of “dark fiber” to independent telecoms and other potential users.

Winning combination
A small team of three to four persons worked on the problem for nearly three years. The ideal geometry was a 3-plus-3 combination, with the three smaller fiber tubes located within the interstices of the conductors. Nexans IKO Sweden worked closely with Nexans Opticable in Belgium and brought in Plumettaz in Sweden to fine-tune blowing operations to achieve optimal distances.  The typical “blow” between substations is 800-1,500 meters.


Hybrid solution
The power utility is very pleased to use the same product for its energy and optical fiber networks, combining the best of two worlds.