Tight Buffer Universal Fibre Cable - New Design

Easier to install and more cost effective

Nexans is pleased to announce the harmonization of its Tight Buffer Indoor and Universal cable portfolio with the introduction of an installer-friendly and more cost effective Tight Buffer Universal cable for indoor and outdoor use. The existing Tight Buffer Indoor and Tight Buffer Universal cable ranges will be phased out at the end of 2014.

New glass yarns make Tight Buffer Universal easier to install

Current Tight Buffer Universal cables have glass yarns for rodent protection and water tightness. Unfortunately, these glass yarns can cause skin-irritation during installation. We therefore developed a new type of glass yarn that combines rodent protection with installer friendliness and avoid skin-irritation. With these features the glass yarns can better be used indoors. As a result the Tight Buffer Indoor cables have become obsolete.

Product Characteristics

For vertical and horizontal installations indoor and outdoor in a duct

  • All-dielectric and completely dry
  • Excellent flame retardant properties (IEC 60332-1 and -3 compliant)
  • Water-tight
  • UV resistant
  • Rodent retardant due to glass yarns
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C to 70°C)
  • Outer jacket: Aqua for multimode & Yellow for single mode cables

Availability & Pricing

The new Tight Buffer Universal cable will be introduced with new part numbers and priced at the same level as the current Tight Buffer Indoor cable. This represents a significant price reduction compared to the previous Tight Buffer Universal cable. The new cables are available to order now.