New Snap-In Adaptor compatible with Secure Lock patch cords

Nexans has introduced Snap-In adaptors compatible with Secure Lock patch cords.

By modifying the plastic Snap-In part, the front of the duplex LC Snap-In adaptors part is now flush with the front of the patch panel or the outlet.

With this modification, the new Snap-In adaptors are now compatible with Secure Lock patch cords. This is especially of interest for Enterprise cabling as it now also allows for the installation of Secure Lock patch cords at the workplace outlet.

In addition, the colour of the multimode SC and LC have been changed to the industry standard Aqua. The colour for singlemode adaptors remains blue. Adaptors for singlemode APC installations are green.

This transition takes immediate effect as the stock is depleted for duplex LC Snap-In adaptors.