Changes to Dual (shotgun) Cables

Shielded cables to be co-extruded rather than bonded

We are pleased to advise that Nexans is changing the manufacturing process for all dual (shotgun) shielded cables.

Today, dual cables are produced as two separate cables which are subsequently bonded together with adhesive. In future, dual cables will be produced by co-extrusion .

Based on exhaustive development, the new co-extrusion technique has proven to be highly reliable and allows an easier and neater separating of the two units without damaging the cable jackets or leaving sticky traces of glue on the sheath.

The change-over will happen in 2 phases:

  1. S/FTP and F/FTP constructions will phase in from May/June 2014
  2. Fx/UTP constructions will phase in during Q4/2014

Part numbers will remain the same with co-extruded versions being phased in once stocks of the bonded cables are depleted.

Please note that we have already commenced supply of LANmark-7 S/FTP cable in co-extruded format.