Fire Retardant LAN cables - IEC 60332-3

Project cables for enhanced fire behaviour

Nexans announces a new range of cables which comply with the flammability requirements of the international standard IEC 60332-3.

All existing cables in our LAN copper portfolio in both PVC and LSZH, comply with IEC 60332-1 which specifies the procedure for testing the resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable under fire conditions.

In order to meet the more stringent fire behaviour requirements in specific environments such as airports, metro stations, buildings with long/difficult evacuation facilities or where cabling is run in access routes we have now added to our portfolio a number of cables which also comply with IEC 60332-3.  This specifies the test methods for the assessment of vertical flame spread of vertically mounted bunched wires or cables.

We have defined 5 cable types in an IEC 60332-3 compliant version to be part of the ranges LANmark-6, LANmark-6A and LANmark-7.

Compared to their standard LSZH equivalent, the LSZH-FRT cables are slightly heavier and have a larger overall diameter due to the special LSZH fire retardant sheath design.

The LSZH-FRT cables are available to order with a lead time and MOQ since the need for this type of cables is only project based.