Ruggedised Fibre Patch Cords

New range of robust cords ideal for FTTO and FTTD interconnect

Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of the LANmark-OF Ruggedised Patch Cords. A metal spring surrounds each fibre and this results in a small, flexible duplex patch cord with a very high crush resistance. The patch cord complies with enhanced indoor fire performance requirements (IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3).

Typical Fibre-To-The-Office (FTTO) installations use this robust patch cord for the connection between the ZD-boxes and LANactive Office switches. The length is hereby often more than 5m and the cords are layed in crowded trunking between many other wires. Both exposes the cord much more to mechanical stress compared to normal use of patch cords. The metal spring inside the Ruggedised cords protects the fibres well. The small bend radius of 30mm allows to route the patch cord through many turns and the short connector boot of 19mm facilitates the connection to the LANactive switch.

Also Fibre-To-The-Desk (FTTD) and other challenging environments that require a strong mechanical protection are installations, that can benefit from this new patch cord. Even Office Chairs can roll over the Ruggedised Patch cord without causing failures or transmission errors.

LANmark-OF Ruggedised Cords have a low insertion loss of 0.3dB. A tracability code has been added at the end of each patch cord, test results are available on request.

The patch cords are made to order to meet specific project requirements with 1m increments and are available in Yellow for SM and in Aqua for OM3 and OM4.