End of Life Notification : Cassette-based structural hardware

Pre-term cassette based panels, ZD box, and cassettes

We would like to inform you that we are removing the cassette-based panels, cassette-based ZD boxes and the cassettes themselves from the Pre-Term product family.

Part Numbers affected:

  • N521.400 : LANmark Patch Panel 4 Cassette Black
  • N521.410 : LANmark Angled Patch Panel 4 Cassette Black 
  • N521.420 : LANmark 3U Patch Panel 16 Cassette Black
  • N521.490 : LANmark Rear Cable Management Patch Panel Cassette
  • N521.602 : LANmark ZD box 2 cassette White
  • N521.6021 : LANmark ZD box 2 cassette White Numbered 13-24
  • N521.490 : LANmark Preterm Cassette Unloaded Black

Phase out is with immediate effect:

A small number of each item will be retained in quarantine to support moves, adds and changes to existing sites.

For further information, please contact your regular Inside Sales or Customer Service Officer.