End of Life Notification : Low volume Cat5e and Cat6 cables

Some low volume copper cables have been made obsolete.

A number of copper cables Part Numbers have been made withdrawn due to low sales volumes.

The phase-out mainly concerns Cat 5e cables, in both the Essential-5 and the LANmark-5 ranges. Also a LANmark-6 cable and one of the Voice cables are made obsolete.


Part Numbers Affected


The following are withdrawn with immediate effect:

N100.562 Essential-5 U/UTP PVC Light Grey 1000m reel
N100.554 Essential-5 U/UTP LSZH Orange 500m reel
N100.462 Essential-5 F/UTP PVC light Grey 1000m reel
N100.453 Essential-5 F/UTP Dual LSZH Orange 500m reel
N100.M04 Voice U/UTP 50 Pair Cat 5 LSZH Orange 500m reel


The following will be phased out once stocks are depleted:


N100.454 Essential-5 F/UTP LSZH Orange 500m reel
N100.476 Essential-5 SF/UTP PVC Light Grey 500m reel
N100.407 Essential-5 SF/UTP LSZH Orange 1000m reel
N100.512 LANmark-5 U/UTP PVC Grey 1000m reel
N100.442 LANmark-5 F1/UTP PVC Grey 1000m reel
N100.431 LANmark-5 F2/UTP PVC Grey 500m reel
N100.613 LANmark-6 F2/UTP Dual PVC Grey 500m reel