LANmark Overhead Patching Frame 6U

Nexans is pleased to announce an extension to the range of patching frames for data centre applications. 

The new LANmark Overhead Patching Frame 6U has been developed in response to requests for a frame larger than the existing 4U version. The 6U version is designed to provide:

  • “Out of rack” support for local distribution of cabling to reduce congestion in equipment cabinets or racks.
  • Multiple mounting options (vertical or angled)
  • Accommodation of patch cord management hooks
  • Compatibility with a wide range of cable trays and baskets

The frame weighs only 2.5kg and is an alternative to accommodating patch panels in equipment racks. They can be easily installed above the racks and the angled mounting option facilitates easy reading of the patch panel labels. 

The patching frame is supplied in “natural” galvanized steel. 

The frame is packed in an environmentally friendly cardboard box and comes with all necessary fixings. 

The new 6U is compatible with the standard management hook (N345.401) which can be ordered separately. 

Products are in stock and available now.