UC LSZH Fibre Cable - now easier to install

Modified design for easier installation

Nexans is pleased to announce a change to the design of the UC LSZH cable to ease its installation. The cable name will change from UC LSZH to LANmark-OF UC Universal (UCUN).

The design is a central loose tube that can contain up to 24 fibres and is protected by a steel corrugated tape and surrounded by a LSZH outer sheath.

The cable weight is reduced from 129 kg/km to 104 kg/km while the excellent mechanical characteristics of the current design, like a high pulling force and high crush resistance, remain unchanged. The diameter has been reduced to 8.5mm to provide more flexibility during installation. In addition the temperature range has been extended to -40°C and +70°C.

With the corrugated steel protection and the LSZH jacket this cable is suited for indoor and outdoor installations. There is no need to make a junction point between the indoor and the outdoor deployment. This cable features excellent rodent protection, high crush resistance, a water tight structure and a UV resistant jacket.

The cable features different fire performance levels: Flame Non Propagation (IEC 60332-1), Fire Non Propagation (IEC 60332-3-24) and low smoke density (IEC 61034-2).

With the move to this new design the part number has been modified. It reflects now the fibre type, cable construction, fibre count and cable jacket colour. 
Pricing remains unchanged for the new design.

See the data sheets for full details.