Enhancements to LANmark-OF Pigtail range

All pigtails will be made with bend insensitive fibre

NCS LANmark-OF pigtails 560

Nexans has made several enhancements to its LANmark-OF pigtail portfolio:

  • All pigtails will be made with bend insensitive fibre and have a lower maximum insertion loss of 0,25 dB.
  • The performance of singlemode pigtails has been improved to UPC level with the increase of the return loss to 50 dB.
  • The colour of the multimode connectors has been changed from beige to aqua.

There are two types of packaging for the pigtails: individual bagged pigtails and sets of 12 pigtails on a cardboard.  The pigtails of the sets have the same jacket colour as the fibres in a 12-core cable.  This makes identification easier during installation and eliminates the need for labeling of the individual pigtails.

All pigtails are available in OM3, OM4, SM and SM/APC.  Depending on project requirements and installer preferences Maxistrip or Tight Buffer pigtail types can be selected.

To facilitate transition from existing to the new pigtails the Nexans part number of all future pigtails will start with N121.*.