Modification of LANmark-OF UD cable range design

New UDPE cables come with FRP armoured design

Nexans is pleased to announce a change in the structure of the UDPE fibre cable range. The new cable comes with a complete FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) armoured design surrounding the central loose tube. The fillers in the old design will all be replaced with FRP. This will apply for the 12 and 24FO designs.

As a result of this technical change, the pulling force increases significantly from 115 to 320 daN for fibre counts up to 12FO and from 145 to 320 daN for fibre count to 24FO.
The UDPE is a ideally suited for outdoor installation in a duct using pus or pul technique. It is also possible to install the cable directly into the ground due to its high compression level (300 or 400daN/cm).

The UDPE design is fully dielectric with watertight features. The term “UDPE” will be included in the N-numbering for clearer identification.
For further information, please contact your regular customer service Officer.