Phase-out MBEX cable range

Nexans will phase-out the MBEX cable range as of April 2019 and replace it with the MBUN cable range.

MBEX cables are based on a Micro-Bundle structure which can be extracted for easy connection to Nexans Zone Distribution and Demarcation boxes. MBEX cables were well suited for Fibre To The Office (FTTO) deployment with loop network architecture.
The MBEX cables have a Eca Eurocclass which is not in line with the current market requirements which require Cca rating. Therefore, the MBEX range will be replaced by the MBUN cable range which is available in 48, 96 and 144 fibres. The MBUN range is B2ca compliant up to 96 fibres and Cca compliant for 144 fibres.

This new MBUN range has a Micro-Bundle extractability of over 2 meters, ideal for FTTO installations.
There is still a limited last buy stock available of the MBEX cable range. For further information on stock and pricing, please contact Customer Service.