Launch 144 fibres MBUN Cables with Cca rating

new Micro-Bundle cable meets Cca s1,d0,a1 level CPR rating

Nexans introduces a new 144 fibres Micro-Bundle Universal (MBUN) cable range that meets CPR Euroclass Cca s1,d0,a1 level providing:

  • lowest level for smoke (s1)
  • lowest level for acidity emission (a1)
  • no creation of flaming droplets (d0)

Where to install?

This cable is perfectly suited to be installed in data centres and vertical cablings where chimney effect can create fast flame spread. The MBUN cables can be installed indoor or outdoor in a duct.


  • available in singlemode and multimode
  • 144 fibres are divided over 12 micro-bundles containing 12 fibres each
  • each micro-bundle has watertight glass yarns
  • LSZH outer sheath
  • Glass yarns reinforcement against rodents