Extractable features for new Micro-Bundle cables

Extractable MBUN cables now suited for FTTO installations

Nexans' new Micro-Bundle Universal (MBUN) cable range has extractable features over two meters, making them ideal for Fibre To The Office (FTTO) type installations.

MBUN cables are available in singlemode and multimode in 48, 96 or 144 fibres. The 48 and 96 fibres have a CPR Euroclass B2ca; the 144 fibres Cca.  For an FTTO installation we recommend using singlemode or multimode OM3 cables. MBUN cables can be installed indoor or outdoor in a duct.

Each MBUN cable is made of individual micro-bundles housing 12 fibres each and surrounded by watertight glass yarns. The  cable's outer sheath is made of LSZH and glass yarns reinforcement provides protection against rodents. Singlemode cables have an outer sheath  in yellow colour versus aqua for multimode cables.

The new MBUN range comes available in April and  replaces the now obsolete MBEX cable range.