Phase-out 25 pairs Voice & some Cat 6 cables


We've phased-out some more cables as part of the process of optimising our Copper cable portfolio.

In Category 6 the phase-out focuses on F2/UTP cables. A great success in the early days they have since lost their popularity to the benefit of their F1/UTP equivalents.

In the U/UTP range we discontinued the LSZH 1000m drums in LANmark-6 and the PVC 500m drums in both LANmark-6 and Essential-6 versions.

Lastly, we no longer support Multipair cables for Voice applications. This means that the 25-pair U/UTP Cat5 LSZH cable is the last  in our Voice range to be phased-out.

There are alternatives in different packaging formats for all of these cables (except for the 25-pair Voice cable). You can consult the list HERE.