Robotic cables

  • Cables carrying energy/data on one or several cores
  • They perform excellently under high torsion conditions, with low break susceptibility
  • Nexans manufactures over a hundred sizes (0.14 to 95mm2) in polypropylene (PP), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and our own Thermoplastic Modified (TPM) insulations.
Nexans provides a wide range of robotic cables for the German KUKA Robot Group, the largest producer of robots in Europe and No2 worldwide.

These cables are part of our Motionline® solutions designed by Nexans to respond to the very demanding expectations of the automation market.

Automation robotic

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Assets of the robot trailing cables

The use of the robot trailing cables is particularly recommended for the continually high bending stress in the machine tool equipment and industrial robots. They are constructed to withstand more than 10 million bendings at a bending radius of 12 x outer diameter attained at displacement velocities of 2 to 3 m/sec and accelerations of up to 5 m/sec2. Special constructions and selected appropriate materials guarantee that the high requirements of the robot trailing cables are met.

Compared to the traditional PVC cables the robot trailing cables made by NEXANS have the following assets:

  • The special PP, TPM and TPE insulation of the cores is unique for the excellent gliding properties of the cores even at high operating temperatures, thus guaranteeing an increased life in spite of high mechanical stress. This insulation is neither affected by crushings (c...