ASI-bus cables


  • All bus cables provide signal transmission for wider control purposes beyond simple servo-motor functions.
  • ASI-bus (co-developed with Siemens) is a flat 2-core, 1.5 mm2 cable which fits into a special module with pins
  • Fast and easy to connect within high security systems

For its mailing/sorting systems, instead of multicore cables, Siemens preferred an easy-to-install cable which could send several control functions to various "addresses" via a simple two-core cable.


These cables are part of our Motionline® solutions designed by Nexans to respond to the very demanding expectations of the automation market.

Automation ASIBus


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Why Bus systems ?

Since the beginning of the 80s Bus Systems are well known through the EDP (electronic data processing). Because of the high hardware costs the first typical structures were mainframes which controlled the whole data handling and organized several terminals. For this structure (so called "Star Topologies") there is a need for a connection between every work station and the mainframe which means a tremendous effort of cabling.

Due to the decreasing hardware costs the terminals were replaced through PCs and workstations which were able to organize the main part of data processing by themselves. Now the mainframes could be replaced through less efficiently but cheaper mini computers or workstations. The communication between the single computers was reconverted to Bus systems (Ethernet, Thinethernet, Arcnet) or "ring topologies" (Token Ring etc.), which allows a simple and flexible cabling above always one ...