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Product Range

Cables and cabling systems for all areas of life

Nexans is one of the leading suppliers of cables and offers solutions for all areas of use. Whether in the office, energy supply, indoor technology, transport, automotive or industry – Nexans’ cables and cabling systems ensure the safe transfer of energy and data. The range extends from copper wire to hybrid leads, from sophisticated sensor cables to high-voltage cabling. The range is completed by accessories for high-quality ports and connections.


Incorporating experiences with renewable energy

The locations of Nexans Deutschland benefit from the knowledge of the globally active Nexans Group as well as from experiences from other fields. For instance, cables for wind turbines use expertise gained in mining: a gigantic lignite excavator used in open pit mining and the gondola of a wind turbine are both mobile and exposed to the weather. However, cables designed for continual torsional and bending stress would become brittle under these conditions – in contrast, the weather-resistant Nexans sheathing material remains flexible for decades.


Heat-proof cables are the driving force behind automotive lightweight construction

Improved cabling systems allow cars to be more economical: new temperature-resistant sheathing materials withstand the development of heat in compact engine compartments and are a requirement of drive mechanism downsizing. Lighter cables help to minimize the vehicle mass.

Market challenges Rolling stock

Weight reduction also sought after on the rail tracks

Lightness also has a profound role to play on rail tracks: some locomotives contain so many cables that they weight the same as two small cars. Nexans has therefore designed cables with silicone insulation. This lowers the weight and also makes them extremely resistant to both heat and cold.

Success stories

More railway safety at little cost

Causing a sensation amongst railway experts is DuoTrack, a solution for the infrastructure on regional routes. The unique combination of copper cores and fibre-optic cables in a single cabling system reduces the number of lines to be laid and the attachment to the rail base saves time and money. The hybrid cable is therefore the perfect choice for sustainable signalling and safety systems.


Office technology made available to industry

Data cables are also examples of technological advance. Amongst other things, Nexans developers have made office network technology suitable for industry with mechanically and chemically robust cables. Production and administration are now merging more closely as they communicate in the same network environment.


More safety for people and materials

Intensive research, endless laboratory experiments and concentrated production expertise have also been invested in cabling systems which have been optimised for when a fire occurs. For example, they are used in connecting fire alarms, smoke vents and emergency telephones and help to save human lives. 

Limiter Module

More safety for the energy supply of the future

The field of superconductivity created cables which have virtually no resistance and can transport large electrical outputs with small cross-sections. A completely new component, which ensures added safety in the power network, is the superconductive current limiter. Its rapid progress suggests that the youthful technology will conquer the market in a few years.


Very well acquainted with cool techniques

Nexans also has experience with heat-insulation systems such as those required for the handling of liquefied natural gas and industrial gases: on certain types of the Nexans special machines for the tube and cable industry, corrugated tubes can be produced which are extremely suitable for thermal insulation. Nexans has experience of cooling technology in other areas as well: cryogenic systems which can cool the material to its operating temperature of approximately -200°C are required for superconductors. 

Product range

A small selection from a large range

In addition to the Nexans innovations described, many others are ensuring progress in water, on land and in the air: for improved energy supply, quicker data transfer and greater reliability. Cables are not simply cables – they are products with know-how which change our lives. 


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