Control Cables

Cover-EN 500x364

The progressive electrification of machinery and the industry for electrical equipment and tools, creates an increasing demand
for flexible cables. These cables are used for fixed installations or in environments were a high degree of flexibility and a small
bending radius is required.

Especially if control panels or other equipment is moving, these cables are most suitable.

The product range comprises cables which are suitable to interconnect most different applications from control and
computer panels down to lifts, material flow and automation equipment.

The degree of flexibility and the reversed bending strength are determines by the construction of the copper conductor,
i.e. diameter of single strands and length of lay, as well as by the formation of the cores and the mode of laying up to
form the cable core.

Control cables are part of the product range for industry automation. Following the Marked trend regarding more and more
special requirements Nexans can also offer halogen free control cables with a special fire performance.

RHEYFLEX® control cables are adapted to environmental conditions and can be supplied in different designs.

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