Your Development

The development of your career is our goal too!

Nexans labInternational markets, the fast pace of technological changes and a steady growth of the information flow make lifelong learning a necessity. The half-life period of knowledge is constantly decreasing. Those aspiring to master these changes successfully, must be able to identify them and accept the challenge for their own development. Learning means tackling new issues in intellectual and concrete terms. Against this backdrop, providing initial and advanced vocational training for our employees is of top priority for us. Therefore, we are making constant investments in our staff. Continuous career development for our employees is an important element for improving our quality and safeguarding our success and corporate efficiency in the long run.

Executive personnel development

Wherever possible, executive positions are filled from our own ranks. It is therefore only natural that, for us, the development and qualification of our executive personnel and young talent is in the focus of our efforts.

The career development program of Nexans Deutschland - a national platform for personnel development

Nexans Deutschland’s career development program includes an extensive range of training programs providing useful support for our employees and enabling them to tackle new or existing challenges. The development program is continuously updated and adjusted to conform to new circumstances. Following the identification of future-relevant lines of competence at corporate level, training is also offered in fields that develop our employees’ social and personal as well as methodical and professional competences. In addition, we actively encourage communication between our different locations and organize regular meetings of colleagues working in the same field to enable an exchange of their views and experience. These circles of competence are especially valuable for new employees because they offer an opportunity to build up and intensify contacts with colleagues from other locations.

PeopleNexans University –
a group-owned international development platform

Nexans University offers career-oriented development courses at an international level. In addition to technical competence, other competences, touching, e.g., areas like purchasing, marketing, sales, IT, and logistics, are also strengthened. Subject areas are constantly adjusted to current and future needs. Employees are offered professional knowledge of practical relevance and Nexans University makes its contribution to enable employees from different countries, working together on the same subjects, to meet and form specific networks. These international networks provide an additional basis for innovative ideas which guarantee the long-term success of our combined group.