Info Notes

Safety first in case of fire

ALSECURE PLUS fire-resistant cable JE-H(St)H certified - Nexans is committed to enhancing  building safety and offers a wide range of fire-resistant cables under the brand name  ALSECURE®.


Category 6A Industrial Ethernet cable

To meet the need for high data rates on today’s industrial automation lines, Nexans has enhanced its MOTIONLINE® offer with a Category 6A Ethernet cable for drag chain applications.


Fire safety

A comprehensive and innovative programme of fire-resistant cables helps to protect lives and property in the event of fires. Nexans has published a brochure containing all the most important questions and answers about fire-resistant cables and the CPR.



The cable industry has consistently placed an important emphasis on the aspect of safety within Buildings. Nexans have a long standing commitment to upholding industry standards to maximize safety features in all of its cables. New technologies and standardization evolution have enabled Nexans to design and manufacture fire safety cables which priorities the protection of people, equipment and buildings as a whole.


Smart grid test environment at Alcatel-Lucent

In order to ensure test conditions were as realistic as possible, three secondary substations were set up in Alcatel Lucent’s test laboratory in Stuttgart.


Due to the increasing demand for more bandwidth Nexans developed new LAN cable up to a bandwidth of 1.5 GHz

Numerous predictions are made on the expected growth of networked traffic around the world. It is expected that by the end of 2016, we will have entered the zettabyte era with nearly 1.3 zettabytes internet protocol (IP) traffic  transmitted annually.


Smart Grid: Secure and highly available solutions from Nexans for energy supply company communication networks

To respond to changes resulting from the merging of energy grids and data networks, the "Advanced Networking Solutions" division of Nexans develops transmission systems that are fine-tuned to the requirements of energy suppliers.

A future-oriented “Smart Grid” network for Konstanz

The technical requirements placed on energy networks are currently changing faster than ever before, presenting energy providers with huge challenges in the process. The main driving forces behind these changes are smart grid applications.


Nexans DuoTrack® – an economical and safe trunk cabling solution for regional railway lines

Equipping regional railways with a modern infrastructure previously required different cables for control and signalling equipment, low-voltage power supply, network-based electronic interlocking systems as well as language, data and GSM-R services. DuoTrack® – the all-inone system solution from Nexans – provides an alternative solution that is faster, easier, more economical and even safer.


Medium-voltage cables with increased fire performance

Flexibility with a broader application range

Maximum fire protection in the construction and energy industry is also of economic importance. According to Nexans, these requirements call for improved fire retardant cables that not only demonstrate greater mechanical strength, but are also halogen-free and equally suitable for underground laying as existing cables.


MOTIONLINE Rheyflex® XH – control cables with a little extra:

Halogen-free, flame-resistant and highly flexible

Thanks to its flexibility, the MOTIONLINE Rheyflex® XH/XCH/XH Power range allows much easier installation and offers further advantages in comparison with other halogen-free control cables


Short response time increases network availability and reduces costs

Nexans Service contract in modules for paper and XLPE insulated cables


Saving space in city centers: Medium voltage superconductor cables can replace high voltage power transmission

Achieving a reliable electric power supply within densely populated areas by employing efficient medium voltage superconductor cable systems was subject of a study conducted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on behalf of the German utility RWE. Together with superconductor cable specialists from Nexans and other project partners, it was investigated whether the electric power supply with medium voltage superconductor cables in city centers offers technical and economical advantages compared to conventional high voltage technology.

Visit Nexans SuperConductors at Hannover Fair 2011. Booth no. C51, hall 13, SuperConducting City


Nexans Deutschland presents its low-voltage hybrid cable of the type X-LINKED™ for 1 kV distribution networks

Power networks of the future need to be in-creased operational, controllable and adjustable. Nexans, for this reason, made it its mission to also develop a cable for low-voltage distribution networks, with which energy providers can flexibly expand their information network and thus ensure that subsequent access to service entrance areas is possible.


Nexans Stripping and Cutting Equipment for MV Cables


Following a long tradition of development, design and production of special machines for cable and pipe manufacturing at Nexans Germany in Hannover PL & T has established a competency center in Hanover providing a portfolio from special machinery, automation, welding technology and technical services.


Nexans Germany develops medium-voltage hybrid cable for transmission and distribution networks


Network operators are facing increasing demands regarding power and data transmission. Many energy supply companies, network companies and public utility services are now considering what the smart grid might look like.


Nexans’ turnkey solution for array cable installation:


The construction of offshore wind power plants is currently one of the biggest challenges in the field of regenerative energy.
Nexans supports its customers by offering a wide range of products and services covering every aspect of infield and platform-connecting cabling for offshore wind farms.


For good connections: Wide range of medium-voltage connectors & Compact cordless impact wrench


The new M630-1000 medium-voltage connector covering a wide range of cable cross-section, rounds off the high end of the M series offered by Nexans Power Accessories Germany. Just four Nexans connectors include almost any cross-section between 16 mm² and 1,000 mm².


110 MVA at 20 kV: Prototype demonstrates potential of Superconducting Power Cables


The superconductor-specialists at Nexans Deutschland GmbH demonstrated a remarkable technical feat at the end of last year: Their successful test of a superconductor cable rated at 3.2 kA demonstrated a transmission power of 110 MVA at the 20 kV level.


Modern medium voltage cables: added value instead of standard solutions


Nexans Deutschland is offering various new products for operators of medium voltage networks: special medium voltage cables for power plants or other buildings at risk of fire, cables for complicated installation or environmental conditions or open-stranded cables with integrated microtubes for fibre-optic cables which can be blown in.


Nexans’ temporary site cables – The flexibility to act more quickly


Temporary site cables are energy cables used to connect equipment in a high-voltage network temporarily, e.g. as a bypass during construction or repair and servicing work.


Superconducting fault-current limiters: New tools in the box for handling high short-circuit power


An increasingly decentralised supply of power, higher power flows and the  present backlog of investment in equipment will require stronger adaptations to the power network in the coming years. In this context, high short-circuit currents play an essential role.


Smart grid: solutions for energy and communication networks


Energy networks are undergoing unprecedented changes and presenting energy providers with huge challenges. The main driving forces behind these changes are smart grid applications...


Service concept expanded: High-voltage experts on 24-hour call


Service customers also benefit from a range of engineering and planning services.