Safety cables

  • Safety cableThese cables can still be PVC insulated for tramways, and generally are halogen-free, low smoke and fire-retardant for subways.
  • They are mainly used for traction, station equipment (lighting, escalator, automatic doors) and tunnels (ventilation).
  • Cables for emergency equipment are also fire-resistant for circuit integrity, e.g. to keep alarms and essential services operating during a fire.
  • High requirements for fire retardancy or even fire resistance are met by several product ranges of low-voltage cables in different sizes under various brand names, like Alsecure Premium®, e.g. core ceramifiable cables.

Nexans supplies armored safety cables under a longstanding contract with France’s RATP, operator of the Paris Metro, as well as the London Underground.

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Nexans handles both sides of the energy equation: standardization for infrastructure interoperability, and customization for special railway needs.

In important turnkey projects, Nexans aims to supply the complete range of cables and services. We pioneered halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) cables according to the highest IEC 60 332 specifications and produce all subgroups of it.

And we developed new Right-of-Way (ROW) solutions that makes it possible to combine fiber optics and energy for train control, communications, data, etc.

This Nexans solution gives you:

  • One-stop shopping for virtually all standard power infrastructure cables, with customized expertise available for special customer needs or challenges
  • Unsurpassed conductor quality based on permanent product quality control and ongoing research on designs and new copper-al...