Safety cables

  • Safety cableThese cables can still be PVC insulated for tramways, and generally are halogen-free, low smoke and fire-retardant for subways.
  • They are mainly used for traction, station equipment (lighting, escalator, automatic doors) and tunnels (ventilation).
  • Cables for emergency equipment are also fire-resistant for circuit integrity, e.g. to keep alarms and essential services operating during a fire.
  • High requirements for fire retardancy or even fire resistance are met by several product ranges of low-voltage cables in different sizes under various brand names, like Alsecure Premium®, e.g. core ceramifiable cables.

Nexans supplies armored safety cables under a longstanding contract with France’s RATP, operator of the Paris Metro, as well as the London Underground.

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Cables are not dangerous on their own, but they may sometimes cause fires resulting from bad or ageing installations, wrong calculations of sections, and poor-quality cables installed, etc

Due to the use of organic materials for insulation and sheathing and their huge volume in buildings, during fires, cables can also severely contribute to:

  • Increased smoke production which limits visibility and inhibits escape
  • Increased carbon monoxide production, the most lethal gas in fires
  • Release of irritant gases

In order to save people and goods from these risks, Nexans offers halogen-free cables which prevent fire propagation and dramatically reduce the emission of smoke and hazardous, acidic, and irritant gases, thus allowing people time to exit safely.

Low smoke & fire resistant
Indoor energy cables/Wires and cables <1kV

Used in residential, public and industrial buildings, fire-resistant cables allow fire alarms, smoke evacuation, lighting, sprinklers, etc. to continue operating during a fire.

LV thermoplastic or rubber insulated cables
Outdoor Energy cables/Railways power cables and conductors

Nexans handles both sides of the energy equation: standardization for infrastructure interoperability, and customization for special railway needs.

In important turnkey projects, Nexans aims to supply the complete range of cables and services. We pioneered halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) cables according to the highest IEC 60 332 specifications and produce all subgroups of it.

And we developed new Right-of-Way (ROW) solutions that makes it possible to combine fiber optics and energy for train control, communications, data, etc.

This Nexans solution gives you:

  • One-stop shopping for virtually all standard power infrastructure cables, with customized expertise available for special customer needs or challenges
  • Unsurpassed conductor quality based on permanent product quality control and ongoing research on designs and new copper-al...
Low fire hazard cables <1kV
Indoor energy cables/Wires and cables <1kV

A low level of opacity of smoke produced and acidity of the effluent are basic criteria in the selection of materials that, in the event of fire, make it possible to reduce the presence of dangerous gases and to facilitate escape. It is essential that the production of opaque smoke and harmful emissions is as low as possible during a fire.

Nexans’ offer enables to:

  • Significantly delay the propagation of a fire, thus gaining precious time for evacuation and fire-fighting
  • Reduce to a minimum opaque smoke and acid gases, the prime cause of fire-related deaths, and damage to equipment and structures
  • A wide range fitting the different country regulations, building types and electrical applications.