Loose tube cables

Loose tube cablesLoose Tube Cables with their traditional and robust structure are a good solution for access and distribution for campus. The fibers are placed within a jelly filled tube. For low fibre count, central unitube structure is available up to 24 fibers. For higher fiber count, multitube structure is made of an assembly of different tubes around a central strength element.

For Indoor installation, these cables are manufactured with materials that limit fire hazards. The sheath is described as LSZH-FR, which stands for:

  • LS (Low Smoke): Reduced emission of smoke when the cable is burning.
  • ZH (Zero Halogen): The material is halogen free and does not emit toxic or corrosive smokes when burning.
  • FR (Flame Retardant): Material does not propagate flame and is self-extinguishing when exposed to the flame.

For outdoor installation, the cables are designed with resistant outer sheath, generally made of polyethylene to resist to more severe environment constraints (abrasion, temperature variation, crush resistance …). It features a watertight conception, obtained by using jelly and/or swellable elements, to stop the water propagation within the cable in case of cable accident.

Outdoor cables are mainly installed in ducts or directly buried.

In some case, Indoor-Outdoor structures are required. They combine the water tightness characteristics and LSZH-FR sheath.

Nexans offers also a extensive range of cables with other properties such as flame or fire non propagation or fire resistance, tunnel installation, rodent protection…