Nexans Superconducting Systems

Superconductor Technology for Sustainable Power Grids Higher Transmission Capacity. Improved Short Circuit Protection. Facilitated Grid-Expansion.

Nexans Superconducting Systems (NSC) develops, manufactures and markets materials, components and systems based on high temperature superconductors (HTS) for application in power engineering. NSC, a subsidiary of Nexans Deutschland GmbH, is located in Hannover.

The main focus of NSC are Superconducting Fault Current Limiting (SFCL) systems. These are innovative devices for the protecting of power networks and electrical equipment from high short circuit currents. Also the efficiency of electrical grids can be improved by the application of SFCL devices. NSC is a leader in the field of resistive SFCL and has been the first company to install HTS-systems in a power station and has realized several systems for distribution level networks.

Previous R&D work by NSC resulted amongst others in precursor materials for HTS wires and today NSC is the world leading supplier of high-quality precursor material for BSCCO 2212 wires. These can be manufactured also in the form of round wires which are strongly demanded for the application in superconducting magnets. The current leads developed by NSC marked one of the first applications of HTS in power engineering and have proven themselves for more than 15 years. The friction less magnetic HTS bearing developed by NSC has been tested with great success at one of NSC's customers and is the first HTS bearing that complies with industrial standards.