Superconducting Cable Systems



Nexans has more than a century of experience in manufacturing cables for electric power transmission and distribution. We continuously improve our products in close collaboration with our customers in power supply and industry. Over the next few years, electric power grids will undergo modifications at a large scale as the infrastructure must be adapted to fundamentally new requirements. In view of this technical and economical challenge, Nexans has extended its energy cable portfolio to superconducting cable systems which combine high power transmission capacities and very low impedance. Our superconductor cable technology is the product of expansive development work commenced in 2001 on the basis of fundamental research ongoing since the discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in 1986. The principal applications of Nexans superconductor cables are in capacity enhancement of stretched metropolitan networks and power grid meshing as well as in long distance bulk power transmission and high current transport for technical purposes.

Supconductor cable portfolioThe Nexans product portfolio comprises superconducting cables, terminations, and joints for medium voltage and high voltage  power grids. We also supply superconducting high current cable systems for industrial applications. 

Nexans superconducting cables are industrially produced and manufacturing processes are subject to comprehensive quality assurance. Superconducting cables will be delivered on cable drums, according to standard practice with all Nexans energy cables. Delivery by Nexans includes on-site installation of all cable accessories such as terminations and joints. Turn-key cable systems are available at customer requirement.

Nexans Superconducting cables are characterized by:


multiplied current carrying capacities in comparison to conventional energy cables
low space requirements and a minimized environmental footprint of cable laying due to very compact cable cross-sections. This feature is of particular advantage in confined spaces and in environments where additional rights-of-way cannot be obtained easily 
efficient energy transport at lower voltage levels owing to the material’s capacity of carrying high power densities virtually without ohmic loss and voltage drops
minimized thermal and chemical ageing due to low operating temperatures
power transport free of electromagnetic emissions and thermal impact on the cable environment

LIPA cableNexans provides leading expertise in the field of superconducting cable installations. Our flagship projects include the world’s most powerful superconducting cable in the grid of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) in New York as well as the RWE AmpaCity project in Essen, Germany. The project in the metropolitan power grid of the city of Essen serves to replace a high voltage cable of one kilometer in length by a superconducting medium voltage cable and has thus broken the existing world record in 2013 for the longest superconducting power transmission line set up by the LIPA cable in 2008. It is in continuous operation since March 2014.

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