Nexans has, over decades, built up leading expertise in superconducting materials, cables and fault current limiters. Our high voltage and high current test fields are also available to customers for external test purposes. We provide simulation models as well as simulations and perform studies investigating applications of superconducting systems in power grids. Our services include:

Our services include:

high voltage test field
high current test field
design of steady state and transient simulation models for superconducting cables and fault current limiters
steady state grid calculation (load flow and short circuit) for networks equipped with superconducting fault current limiters and cables as well as for conventional power networks
transient simulations particularly of short circuit currents for networks equipped with superconducting cables and fault current limiters
technical and economic studies on the utilization of superconducting cable systems and fault current limiters
characterization of superconducting materials
measuring of low resistance at high currents

High Voltage Test Field

Measurements of superconducting and conventional operating equipment are performed in a state-of-the-art high voltage testing facility with a shielded chamber of 30 m x 12 m x 9 m and a high-performance liquid nitrogen cooling system. The facility allows for partial discharge (PD) measurements. The interference level is below 1 pC. 

Test field
Cooling System
Technical Details of the Test Field   Technical Details of the Cooling System
Voltage 350 kV (700 kVA)   Temperature 65 – 80 K
Current 5 kA (300 KVA)   Pressure 15 bar
Lightning Impulse Voltage 1200 kV (60 kJ)   Mass Flow 50 – 2,000 g/s
DC Voltage +/- 800 kV (20 mA)      
DC Current 10 kA (10 V)      

High Current Test Field

The Nexans high current test field is available for testing superconducting and conventional devices. The AC testing facility is equipped with three-phase transformer of 2,200 kVA. The DC testing facility allows for test currents up to 15 kA.


AC Field    
Technical Details on the AC Field    
Test Voltage 20 - 800 V      
Prospective Short Circuit Peak Current 60 kA      
Prospective Short Circuit Current 27 kA