Technical features


Supraleitende Strombegrenzer (SFCL) Nexans supplies superconducting fault current limiters for operation in medium voltage grids up to 36 kV. The device with its cryostat and attached cooling system can be installed in a container enabling standard transportation.

The core assembly of the Nexans SFCL consists of series- and parallel-connected superconducting components for each electrical phase. The device can be adapted to specific grid environments with regard to current, voltage, limiting capacity, and limiting duration by adjusting the number and layout of superconducting components. Furthermore, the current limiter’s response characteristics can be customized to its respective application. Technical characteristricsFor this purpose, Nexans supplies maintenance-free current limiting modules based on superconducting tape as well as on superconducting bulk material. The components are stacked in a cryostat filled with liquid nitrogen and operate at a temperature of approx. -200 °C. The cryostat can be connected to an off-the-shelf cooling system. Nexans supplies SFCLs fully fitted with cooling system in containers and also acts as a contractor for installation and commissioning according to customer requirements.

 Picture source: KIT