Superconducting High Voltage DC Cables (HVDC Cables)


Nexans is the first cable manufacturer to supply superconducting high voltage DC cables. The system solution comprises cables, terminations for connecting superconducting cables to the conventional grid, and joints for long transmission line construction and repair purposes.

Grid operators have at their disposal a qualified system for the transmission of loads up to several gigawatts. The technology provides sufficient current carrying capacity for an efficient exchange of electric power at interconnections between large integrated grids.
The design of Nexans superconductor HVDC cables is based on our leading know-how in superconducting high voltage power transmission and many years of experience with conventional copper- and aluminum-based high voltage DC cables.
In the longer term, superconducting HVDC cables will facilitate “electricity highways” for large scale transmission of distributed power with a minimized impact on the environment. As superconductor HVDC cables operate without thermal output and can be equipped with electromagnetic shieldings, their routings can be less than one meter wide.

The liquid nitrogen cooling system of Nexans superconducting HVDC cables deployed for longer distance power transmission must be supported, at suitable intervals, by cooling stations with a footprint of several square meters.


Supraleitende Hochspannungs-Gleichstromkabel (HGÜ-Kabel)