Superconducting High Current Cables (HC Cables)


Supraleitende HochstromkabelNexans supplies superconducting high current cables designed for efficient low voltage transmission of very large quantities of direct current. The cable range offers a fundamentally new solution for high current transmission in technical fields where a space- and weight-saving alternative to conventional busbars is of advantage. Moreover, Nexans superconducting HC cables can be deployed for power transmission in technical environments that are not readily compatible with the magnetic fields or thermal emissions of conventional high current busbars.

The cable technology is well suited for ship wiring purposes including electricity supply for high-powered propulsions as well as degaussing systems. Other typical areas of applications include the power supply of electrolysis units, devices for magnetic field compensation in metal and chemical industries, and the power supply of large data processing centers.Stromschienen
Apart from space and weight economies, Nexans superconducting HC cables offer the benefit of substantial energy savings and improve industrial safety compared to conventional exposed busbars.