Simply essential

X-Ray systems operate in a noisy electronic environment where electromagnetic resistance is essential for flawless performances. Nexans develops electro magnetically compatible cables that ensure the proper functioning of the imaging systems to deliver high quality images. Nexans also provides sophisticated simulation tools for the design and optimization of cables used in your equipment.

Xrays applications

Value proposal 

  • Reduced complexity
  • High quality levels where you need
  • Reliable supply chain
  • Broad portfolio 
  • Strong R&D support
  • High dynamic performances
  • Full mechanical testing
  • Compliance with global standards


Technology and Design

  • High data transmission bandwidth in miniaturized format
  • EM-shielded for safe clinical operation and surgery
  • Enhanced performance in terms of flexibility and ruggedness
  • The right cable to meet your needs
  • Full biocompatibility on request, sterilization ease and operational flexibility
  • Hybrid cables for power, data, signal, FO, POF, tube, etc…
  • High flexibility capability based on years of automation and robotic expertise