Ultrasounds equipment

Healthcare technology is continuing to develop, with ultrasound equipment now able to provide enriched visual information. 3D views, colors and assisted examinations require more efficient cables. Nexans can provide innovation and miniaturization, ranging from 2 to 528 micro-coaxial cables in the same ultrasound cable. This allows OEMs to increase the amount of data transmitted via space-saving cables..

Ultrasound equipment

Value proposal 

  • High operational flexibility
  • High data capacity and multi-constructions in a miniaturized cross-section
  • Cosmetic design to offer exceptional comfort to patients and doctors
  • Compatible with a full range of connectors
  • EM-shielded for safe clinical, home and on-the-job operation



Technology and Drawing

  • Biocompatible material
  • Up to 46 AWG
  • Antimicrobial cables
  • Up to 528 microcoax cables inside
  • Customized cosmetic design