Magnetic Resonance Interference

Due to the high cost of an MRI device, the cables need to be of excellent quality to avoid failure and non-availability. Meanwhile, the greying of the population and the relevance of MRI to the treatment of several conditions has boosted the demand for these devices. Cost-efficient purchasing and high security for patients require reliable high-tech cables and harnesses


MRI device

Value proposal 

  • Excellent image quality
  • High life cycle
  • Increased security on electromagnetic fields
  • Quality consistent with device and geographical area
  • Compliance with global standards
  • Testing capability that simulates MRI



Technology and Drawing

  • High data transmission bandwidth in miniaturized format
  • EM-shielded for safe clinical operation and surgery
  • High flexibility
  • High flexibility based on years of automation and robotic expertise
  • EM Field simulations
  • Compound analysis to avoid magnetic problems