Coaxial cables

Coaxial cables are used as single units or as components in hybrid or multi-coax cables intended for endoscopy, monitoring or medical imaging.

Range of Nexans capabilities in healthcare

Nexans can draw on its long experience in coaxial cables intended for many specific applications such as video (analogical and digital), high frequency data transmission , instrumentation:

  • Inner conductors of bare copper, tinned copper, copper clad steel, silver plated copper alloys. Miniaturization : AWG46 mini

  • Dielectric: Fluoropolymers, PE, Foam PE.

  • Excellent electromagnetic immunity by high coverage braid or serve shield

  • Outer sheath: Fluoropolymers, Polyurethane, PE, PVC  

  • Minimum coax outer diameter: 0,29 mm

  • Capacitance: 55 pF/m or 95 pF/m according to application and medical devices interface

  • Biocompatibility: medical grade materials; FDA approval