multimicrocoax cables Multi-microcoax cables are for diagnostic devices needed to transmit high-definition images, as well as many other data signals.
Nexans has successfully stranded 528 coax cables together for very tight spaces.
Applications:  Ultrasound probes for medical diagnosis


Applications:  Ultrasound probes for medical diagnosis.


Nexans capabilities in healthcare

Nexans multi-microcoax cables deliver high bit rate data transmission in EMI conditions and under mechanical stress. Color-code identification, a strippable jacket, and excellent solderability saves you time during the wiring process.

  • Bundles of coax cables 
  • Lay-up of up to 528 microcoax cables
  • Clear color identification 
  • Flexible PVC, PUR, TPE jacket
  • Can withstand all sterilization processes
  • Biocompatibility: medical grade materials ; FDA approval