Permanent quality improvement leads to higher customer satisfaction in terms of environmental and staff/worker safety. Nexans is constantly fine-tuning our performance in all fields of activity.

quality and certifications

4 main priorities have been defined:

  • Staff security
  • Customer services
  • Operational excellence
  • Management and training to upgrade skills


In order to deploy this strategy, Nexans has developed a Management, Quality, Security and Environment system according to ISO9001, EN9100 and ISO14001 standards, involving all teams in continuous improvement in the spirit of self-initiative. As a follow-up, we have defined precise objectives linked to action plans and indicators.

Nexans is committed to creating in-house organizations and resources to reach these objectives.
The Quality Security Environment department checks that the quality system is correctly applied and suitable for company needs but above all to customer specifications, meeting all standards and regulations requirements.

Nevertheless, Quality, Security and Environment strongly depend on team spirit. That is why each Nexans actor is keenly involved in reaching our common objectives.




As an innovative manufacturer of electronic medical devices, a physician, or technician, you want high-performance microcables that offer:

  • Conformity with ISO 10993 in terms of biocompatibility, allowing FDA qualification
  • Toleration of all sterilization techniques: chemical, heat, gamma rays, etc.
  • Protection against multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria/viruses
  • Optimal flexibility for biosensors, monitors, catheters
  • Compactness and lightness for portable devices and wearable applications
  • Cosmetic appearance and comfort, especially for probes and pacemakers
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in the “busy” clinical environment