Instrumentation & control cables

Shipboard cables manufactured by Nexans are designed for fixed applications for circuits rated at 150/250 V, and are complying with IEC 60092-376 standard. Multi-cores cables are mainly dedicated for control, whereas multi pairs, triples or quads are for instrumentation devices. Control and Instrumentation cables are proposed in versions:

  • Unarmored: MPRX® for control or TX® for instrumentation;
  • Armored: MPRXCX® for control or TCX® for instrumentation.

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Instrumentation & Control cables
Special Cables/Shipboard, Navy & Offshore Topside dedicated cables/Commercial shipbuilding

Instrumentation and control cables assure that various navigational, trim, ballast and control operations continue to function securely in all weather and sea conditions. Telephone, data and coaxial cables assure the constant flow of information, including non-essential commercial services, like passenger telephone services.