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Cooling is essential for many processes. Simple systems for liquid nitrogen or far more complicated methods using liquid helium are in use. In any case, transfer lines play a decisive role. Depending on the individual application, the tubing must meet different criteria in terms of pressure, heat insulation or acceptable pressure drops. Consequently, choosing or designing systems that best suit the requirements for each application, is a key factor.

Within the framework of our engineering and consulting activities, we will recommend appropriate standard solutions, or develop special solutions in collaboration with our customers. Besides transfer lines, we can provide a wide range of system components or integrate customer components into our systems. In more than 40 years of successful operations, our consistent quality policy has been a sound basis. Of course, our corporation is also certified according to ISO 9001. Very often, the final inspection is carried out in the presence of customers or together with neutral testing institutes such as the TÜV (German Technical Control Board).

CRYOFLEX® Transfer Lines High Flexible Transfer Lines

Product Features

  • flexible line system for stationary applications
  • standard type 14/34 up to 60/110
  • permissible pressure 20 bars
  • no length limitations
  • corrugated tubes ensure flexibility
  • low heat intake


Product Features

  • high flexible line system with utilization for
    frequent position changes of the line ends
  • standard type DN8 DN25 up to DN60 DN125
  • permissible pressure 40 bars
  • lengths are limited depending on the type
  • corrugated tubes ensure flexibility
  • low heat intake


Value Proposition of CRYOFLEX® and High Flexible Transfer Lines

  • systems are configured ready to use
  • leak tested and vacuum insulated
  • quick and cost saving installation
  • flexibility if modifications occur
  • compensation of potential differences in length
  • no maintenance costs
  • quick cool down due to thin wall thickness
  • checking and later pumping of the vacumm
    possible on site
  • savings due to less required couplings
    and therefore lower heat intake
Advantages of CRYOFLEX® Compared to Rigid Tubes
  • no welding on site
  • no planning of time consuming activities on site
  • no execution of Helium- and X-Ray tests on site
  • no pumping of the vacuum needed on site
  • no provision of special working equipment
  • no compensators or 90 degree ellbows
  • (compensation guaranteed by the system)
  • no storage areas for rigid elements
  • no reparation or maintenance work
  • easy determination of the required line length
quick and comfortable installation on site

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