Mission Statement

That's what we stand for

Mr. Schmidt

  • Our company sets worldwide standards for high tech Transfer Lines for liquid gases.
  • Cooperative partnership ensures decisive competitive advantages for our customers.
  • We develop customized solutions for a variety of applications.
  • We realize state of the art ideas with our knowledge which has grown over decades.
  • The active contribution of each employee ensures our common future.
  • We ensure that our company remains attractive and profitable.


Company's Purpose
Nexans Cryogenic Systems develops, produces and sells Transfer Lines for liquid gases at the highest quality level on a global scale. We generate profit in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders and stakeholders, to be an attractive employer and to undertake necessary investments. That is how we ensure the future of our company. 

Market Position
Our products are among the best all over the world and set the standard for any competition. On the basis of the high quality level, Nexans' ability to innovate and with our worldwide distribution network we aim at strengthening and expanding our market leadership.

Both, customer satisfaction as well as the trust in our products and services are in the focus of our activities. We deliver in the agreed time and quality and can adapt quickly to changes of the customer's requirements. Nexans recognizes the customer's needs and creates competitive advantages by means of customized services and solutions through cooperative developments.

HR Manager

Our employees are the essential success factors of our company. We offer them challenging tasks, individual development chances as well as a fair and performance oriented payment. From our employees we expect competence, proactivity and willingness to perform and actively support such skills. Managers act as role models and create motivating conditions for goal oriented and autonomous work. That requires mutual trust. We live an open culture of conversation throughout daily business. On the basis of mutual respect we solve conflicts constructively and consider criticism as a chance.  We work in a team and aim at collective interests.

We continously improve our processes and guarantee consistently high quality standards. Knowledge and competence are our strengths. Visionary investments and  targeted process development ensure our technological leadership.