Our Special Transfer Lines

Special Transfer Lines

CRYOFLEX® Transfer Lines

Nexans Cryogenic Systems can provide Special Transfer Lines which suit your individual requirements. Have a look at the following examples for different variants supplementing the product portfolio of our Standard Transfer Lines. Our Special Transfer Lines are designed for: LN2, LNG, CO2, LOX, LAr, LH2, LHe.

CRYOFLEX®  for flammable gases

These lines do not differ from the nitrogen lines externally. All flammable materials in the vacuum space are replaced through non-flammable materials. All medium carrying parts like inner tube and connections get a special treatment in order to eliminate potential greasy residues.

Special Design for Liquid Helium and other Gases with Low Boiling Point 

For the flow of liquid helium and other gases with low boiling point, the heat loss is reduced to a minimum. Special Transfer Lines with heat losses of only a few W/m can be designed to customer’s specifications.

The following standard tubes are available:

10/13; 14/18; 21/25; 30/34; 39/44; 46/52; 51/58; 60/66; 75/85; 84/92; 100/110; 127/143; 147/163; 198/220; 264/300


CRYOFLEX® Transfer Lines for liquid hidrogen (-252,8 °C) and liquid oxygen (-183 °C)

Component lengths of 100 m bridge the 300 m between storage tank and test stand for the new Vulcain rocket motor on the ARIANE 5 launch vehicle.

Lange Transferleitungen für LH2   Transferleitung für ARIANE Teststand   Endenkonfektionierung CRYOFLEX Spezialleitungen


High flexible Transfer Lines for liquid nitrogen (-196°C).
We deliver extremely flexible Transfer Lines with a bending radius of less than 0,3 m on request.