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Fabrication Process

Production Manager

The corrugated tubes are continuously welded and corrugated using the Uniwema (TIG welding) process. The outer surface of the inner tube is cleaned through a continuous process, while the superinsulation and the spacers are mounted around the tube. The outer tube is then formed, welded and corrugated around the inner tube in a subsequent continuous process. The length of the continuously produced tube is theoretically unlimited. In case of long system lengths of several hundred meters the transport logistics determines the lengths of the line sections. Up to now the longest individual length manufactured was more than 600 m long. We always keep several hundred meters of corrugated tube combinations readily available so that solutions can be cut off and assembled to a line with the corresponding terminations. All tubes are helium leak-tested with a sensitivity of 10-9 mbar I/sec. Following the leak test, the vacuum space is pumped down to the operation vacuum level and properly sealed. The vacuum integrity is guaranteed for two years as a result of the high degree of cleanliness observed during production and from the use of a specially selected getter material inside the vacuum space.