TITANEX® cable: We guide you through the production

Highly resilient and yet flexible

TITANEX® power cables are robust and extremely flexible - so ideal for the stationary and mobile installation. What constitutes the strengths of TITANEX® cables is shown in a short film about our production.

TITANEX® rubber cables are ideal for stationary and mobile power supply. They are easy to handle and resistant to pressure, vibration, light, moisture and chemicals. In stationary installations, they can even be operated up to 1 kV and at temperatures up to 90 ° C.

TITANEX® cables are therefore not only suitable for industrial use, for construction sites, cranes or generators, but also for events and other applications where they are laid on the ground without protection. Because the Nexans rubber cables are flexible, robust and have an extremely durable jacket with long-lasting lettering.

For this to happen, we manufacture TITANEX® cables using proven methods. We manufacture the rubber compounds for the insulation and the sheath according to our own recipe and have the entire process from copper wire to the finished product in one hand. That ensures high quality you can count on. How to produce TITANEX® cables is demonstrated by a cinematic three-minute video.

Take a look behind the scenes of our work and see for yourself: We know what matters.

More information at: www.nexans-titanex.com