Joining Technology

Cross Seam Welder - UNIcross®


A cross welding machine for connecting strips of various materials. Production of reliable welding seams which can stay in the product for the continuous production or manufacture of required strip lengths.

Technical details

Material:     SST, Aluminum, Copper and Alloys
Strip width:        5 mm – 1100 mm
Strip wall thickness:       0.06 mm – 0.5 mm
Welding source:   Laser or TIG


  • Mobile and flexible
  • Semi-automatic operation and welding process
  • 50 recipe programmable memory set to customer needs
  • Integrated touch panel – menu-navigation – recipe management
  • Integrated welding unit: laser system with protection class 1 (or TIG upon request)

Customer Advantages

  • High quality product reliable I-shaped welding joints of metal strips
  • Production of practically unlimited productions lengths
  • Continual production
  • Possible to be used directly on the production line
  • Production of any metal strip length
  • Very user-friendly
  • High work safety
  • With laser welding – no preparation of polymer coated metal strips is necessary

Application examples
Cables & tubes, strip preparation, automotive assembly, steel, medicine, electronics, FIMT, RF, Composite pipe, CSST, underwater cables, cannulae, customized tubes