Production in Lamia

Watch this video to learn more about the factory and production in Lamia, Greece. Julien Mazelin, plant manager of Nexans in Lamia, guides you through the manufacturing processes of medium voltage cables.


Nexans in Greece



The plant in Lamia has a total area of 330,000m2, of which 33,000m2 are built-up.

The plant has capacity for

Cable Copper Aluminum MV XLPE core Telecom Copper Pairs Optical Fiber
40.000 tns. 18.000 tns. 9.000 tns. 5.000 km 500.000 km 350.000 km


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Pictures of the plant


Prequalification of customers

The quality of our products is of particular importance to us. In order to maintain our high quality standards and to meet the requirements of our customers, we regularly verify our processes in audits and work on continuous improvement in the sense of the "Nexans Excellence Way". This openness is also revealed to our customers.

Would you also like to pre-qualify our work?

We will gladly provide you with the information and documentation you need to answer all your questions. If required a personal audit can be carried out by our customers. According to your individual needs and wishes, we introduce you to our plant, guide you through our production and explain essential processes and procedures. We look forward to welcoming you.


Product Portfolio

Energy cables

LV XLPE Ceander, Torsades (ABC), Tinned Cu /EPR insulated /Neoprene sheathed concentric or single-core, Fire resistant
MV XLPE insulated up to 45 kV, Alu tape or Cu wires/tapes screened, armoured (SWA or STA), PVC, PE, HFFR sheathed, Airfield 5 kV EPR, XLPE insulated, screened or not


Equipment cables

Building wires, PVC insulated cables, HFFR insulated, PVC flexibles, Flat-twin
Industrial cables
LV  PVC and XLPE,  armoured (SWA) and unarmoured, PVC or HFFR sheathed , Solar Photovoltaic


Telecom Copper and Pilot/Signalling Collective buildings

Pairs/quads, Solid or Foam-skin PE, Jelly-filled or dry core, Signalling - Control cables, Railway cables
Telecom Fiber
Land cables  (Loose tube construction, 12 o.f/tube –144 o.f/cable) Dielectric or not, armoured, Aerial ADSS & Fig "8",FTTx, FTTH microcables and Submarine cables

Copper & Aluminium, Aluminium alloy, Overhead conductors  (ACSR, AL, CU, PVC Covered), ACSS





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