Category 6A Industrial Ethernet cable

A new benchmark for our automation customers

SPS 2014

High data rates for increased data requirements

To meet the need for high data rates on today’s industrial automation lines, Nexans has enhanced its MOTIONLINE® offer with a Category 6A Ethernet cable for drag chain applications.

This opens the way to what German experts have called “Industry 4.0,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution, based on IoT (Internet of Things), 3D printing, big data, and additive mass manufacturing. It makes it possible to integrate control systems, software and sensors in order to move personalized and customized products down the same production line while generating a 30% increase in productivity.

Data requirements are increasing exponentially because there is a need for machines to talk to each other. There is also high demand for flexibility since different products are being produced on the same line without changing the basic setup, and there is a need for quality monitoring and analysis without time lags for operators and plant managers.

Realization of Customer Requirements

Category 6A Ethernet does this, and more. It also helps to speed up production, and allows more final-customer information to be built into the product from the outset (like color, design and add-ons). It enables the self-monitoring of machinery for preventive maintenance, and improves operator safety by making it possible to reduce line speed for teaching purposes, problem solving and retooling.

Customers also wanted “in-line vision systems” in close proximity to production for nonstop quality checks. Category 6A Ethernet can easily connect highly mobile cameras, while delivering much higher data rates and withstanding strenuous movements and tight bending.

This is exactly what makes Nexans MOTIONLINE® CAT 6A Industrial Ethernet unique. Not only does it provide frequencies up to 500 MHz and is suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, it displays outstanding performance in terms of reduced crosstalk and system noise, and can withstand three million cycles at 10xd (i.e. 10 times the diameter of the cable) in a trailing chain. Its outer PUR outer jacket is halogen-free to protect people and equipment in the event of fire, and is abrasion and oil-resistant.


Nexans exhibits at SPS IPS Drives in Nuremberg, Nov. 25 – Nov. 27, 2014. Please visit us in hall 5, Booth 130. We look forward to your visit at our booth.

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