Safety first in case of fire

ALSECURE PLUS fire-resistant cable JE-H(St)H certified

Safety first in case of fire

Nexans is committed to improving safety in buildings

The safety of human life – whether at work or at home, during free time or receiving health care – is an absolute priority.
Fires in enclosed spaces are usually accompanied by panic and a lack of  coordination.  Most fire-related deaths are caused by inhalation of the toxic gases produced by fires.

A  comprehensive and innovative programme of certified fire-resistant cables helps to  protect lives and property in the event of fires. Nexans is committed to enhancing  building safety and offers a wide range of fire-resistant cables under the brand name  ALSECURE®.

For more information, please see data sheets from the e-catalogue.

All  associated certificates, such as VDE expert opinions with production monitoring or  general construction supervision test certificates, can be found in our e-service database  or in the data sheets under “Docs and Info”.

These cables with  functional integrity are used for emergency exit system power supplies.

Even after a fire  has broken out, ALSECURE® cables ensure that safety systems keep on functioning for  an adequate period of time (alarms, smoke ventilation systems etc.) so that people still  have time to escape. Fire-resistant cables not only reduce smoke density, gas emissions and heat release but can also even prevent the spread of flames.ALSECURE PLUS JE-H(ST)H - Safety First im Brandfall


Current fire  protection requirements regarding electrical installations in buildings

In Europe, safety is  a major concern. The European Commission has created a special regulation aimed  at aligning the classification of construction products: the new European Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Nexans has published a brochure containing  all the most important questions and answers about fire-resistant cables and the CPR.  The revised brochure can be requested free of charge.

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