Nexans unveils solution for the cost-effective trunk cabling of regional lines at #railtec 2007

Mönchengladbach, 19 September 2007 – At the #railtec trade fair in Dortmund (12 – 14 November 2007), Nexans Deutschland Industries GmbH & Co. KG will unveil the DuoTrack® system in hall 3 B at stand 3078. This all-in-one system solution enables the transmission of all copper and optical fibres services required for the operation of a re-gional railway line through a single cable line. The DuoTrack® cable consists of a copper and optical fibre cable combined in a configuration which enables the cost-efficient rail-mounted installation. The DuoTrack® system includes the complete mounting and laying technology which was developed in cooperation with our partner Contec GmbH, based in Ötzingen-Sainerholz, as well as universal Nexans hybrid closures for connexion and branches. Compared to a conventional cabling solutions, including concrete trough lay-ing, DuoTrack® offers cost savings of approximately 40% and time saving of about 70%.

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The DuoTrack® system enables a trunk cabling of regional railway lines using the cost-effective installation directly on the rail without expensive and time-consuming concrete trough installa-tion works. The DuoTrack® cable is the essential component of this solution developed by Nex-ans Deutschland Industries GmbH & Co. KG in Mönchengladbach. It combines a copper ca-ble containing up to 16 copper quads with an optical-fibre cable containing 24 single-mode optical fibres (OF). The copper cable is to run all control and security services simultaneously and even offers the possible of low voltage supply if required. The optical fibres can be used for the electronic interlock bus, GSM-R and railway-specific communication as well as general carrier services. Both parts of the cable are individually protected against rodents and have a common sheath with a separable web associated with the characteristic figure-of-8 design. This makes the cable very rigid and extremely shakeproof. Thanks to this properties, installa-tion of the DuoTrack® directly at the rail is possible. Compared to a conventional cabling in-cluding concrete trough, cost savings up to 40% and time saving up to 70% are achieved. In addition, DuoTrack® can be installed where troughs in the even more expensive elevated con-figuration are impossible to be installed, like on steeps.

Contec GmbH, based in Ötzingen-Sainerholz, developed the mounting and laying technology for the DuoTrack® cable. The DuoTrack® laying vehicle has four special cable pay-offs, a ten-sion control section and a laying arm for insertion of the cable in upright position at the rail. The cable clamps, mounted with a special tool, guarantee a secure fixation of the cable pre-venting thievery: the guaranteed pressing force is 200 N which is individually tested.
The DuoTrack® system is completed with watertight hybrid closures from Nexans, enabling separate copper and optical fibre splicing in a common closure housing. In most cases, they are able to replace street cabinets. Copper wires and OF are kept completely separate through distinct guides inside the closure. The stainless steel protective case is easy to assem-ble with hinged cover and is mounted alongside the track on a steel stand from Contec.

At the end of 2006, the German Federal Railway Authority approved the DuoTrack® cable from Nexans for use on non-electrified lines up to 160 km/h speed; in July 2007, the DuoTrack® system awarded prototype approval from DB Netz AG for their regional railway lines. Beforehand, DuoTrack® proofed its applicability in a test installation of approximately 2 km between Hamburg and Lübeck: with over 2.5 million axles in two years and a large pro-portion of goods traffic, this equals approximately ten years of operation on a typical regional railway line. DuoTrack was first deployed in a pilot installation on the 97 km-long Odenwahl-bahn, which is being converted to electronic interlock technology as part of its modernisation. A second pilot installation was carried out this summer on an 18 km long line between Wenden-Bechtsbüttel and Gifhorn, where DuoTrack® is being used for the transmission of GSM-R.

Visitors to #railtec, which takes place from 12 – 14 November at the Westfalenhalle in Dort-mund, can become acquainted with the cable there. Nexans will be exhibiting in hall 3 B at stand 3078 a section of track with a DuoTrack® cable mounted, the closure technology and will be explaining the entire system with the help of presentations and a video.

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