LANsense manages network structures,from end point to end point – at any time

Nexans solution simplifies the administration and documentation of IT networks

Mönchengladbach, August 20, 2008 – Spaghetti cablings doomed to failure in patch environments, time-consuming inventories and the unknown use of the company network by third parties are now a thing of the past: LANsense from Nexans provides administrators with clarity. An intelligent, self-logging management solution, it offers an overview of network connections.

Network management from a physical perspective

LANsense is a combination of hardware and software components. The system recognises parts used with the help of system-specific panels or LANsense strips designed for upgrading existing patch fields or switches. The analysis of the port assignment is performed by the LANsense analyser provided for rack installation. This analyser is connected to the patch fields to be monitored. The infrastructure management software iTracs collects the data, transforms them into structured pieces of information and provides a wide range of administration tools. With this equipment, networks can be monitored around the clock right up to the connected end device. Because LANsense works independently of the cabling (which may be copper or fibre optic), it adds a solution for the physical network layer to the management systems of the upper network layers (e.g. HP Open View, Tivoli von IBM or CA Unicentre). This turns LANsense into a connecting element between the organisational, physical and logical layer.

More transparency in all stages of network care

LANsense offers advantages in all stages of network care: construction, conversion, inventory, relocation or expansion. It recognises every change in real time, records it and documents it in comprehensible form. LANsense supports modifications to the network by simplifying troubleshooting. Working instructions can be created and automatically incorporated into the documentation when completed.

Investment in LANsense quickly pays off as less time is required for troubleshooting, network modifications and inventories. For example, a return on investment can be generated in two to three years, depending on the project. In addition, the detailed database permits optimum use of the network equipment as there are no unused connections in the network due to poor documentation. Using LANsense, skillful management of existing resources can make expansion unnecessary. With regard to the growing number of requirements which networks have to fulfil by means of VoIP telephony or the integration of production/building components, LANsense makes work for IT management much easier.

Enhanced safety thanks to real-time monitoring of the ports

In addition, LANsense recognises unauthorised connected devices, e.g. a visitor’s notebook which is trying to connect to the network. This is made possible because all end devices which are connected to a connection socket are recorded by LANsense in real time at the moment such devices access the network. Using this information, the system can trigger alarms, send messages (SMS, e-mail etc.) or activate cameras as soon as unauthorised network access occurs, thereby increasing the safety of server rooms and LANs.

LANsense is available in a basic version for small and medium-sized corporate networks, in the Enterprise Edition for complex environments in which the system has to be integrated into existing management solution and as a Data Centre Edition for IT data centre operators.

LANsense chart

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